Meet Lisa

“Well, hello there!


         We’re super excited to see you’re here”.


Lisa Carruthers is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA , (since 2012), and is a 3rd Degree black belt, and a Senior Karate Instructor.

{Sometimes a CrAzY ninja once a month,… yeah, ya know what I mean?!}

Together with her husband Luke, they oversee the training and development of more than 2000 students, within one of the largest Martial Arts Organisation’s in the world!

Passionate, committed, integral, and caring“, is how people describe her!

Health, self-respect and integrity are at the core of her service with a big heart, big smile, and honest kindness for all.

Lisa offers women the opportunity to feel genuinely heard, and guided amongst the noise around wellness and lifestyle switches.

Lisa created Studio Oil to give women a fresh new perspective, and highlight their connection to the femme power they hold within themselves.

Women of all ages are able to connect with Lisa and explore their options through wellness consults, sampling essential oils, or hosting/attending classes & events.

Lisa offers ongoing support & education online and in person.

And… She’d love to meet with you here.

5 Did You Know ? Fun Facts About Lisa


Sausage Dog Lover


Favourite Holiday Destination - Maldives


Falls Asleep Watching Movies on the Couch


Works Out Daily


Wish I was Wonder Woman

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